Behind the Façade

Fri, 11/14/2014 - 11:53 -- Usa33i


Underneath the mask I wear, shrouded by the darkness.

Burning from the theater lights and hidden behind the curtains.

Broken lights and wooden props hide my agitation, 

Recklessness and hopelessness cover my situation.

"Friendly faces," and "patient professionals" wait for me to speak.

Even though my I look my best, my mind is at its peak.

Dramitic Divas and Juvenile Jerks stare at me backstage.

Waiting for the coughing of the audiance to engage.

Flamboyant costumes and dapper attire,

All my doubts and dreams conspire.

People patiently wait for the moment I arrive,

to give the final soliloquy for the musical to thrive.

The lights shine even brighter, all I have left to say is short.

I can't feel my body from tearing coming from the pain I exhort.

Truding through the lines, my mouth starts to move,

The faces on my "so called" friends flash a frown, what is disapproved. 

Pausing from my realization, I retaliate their obfuscation.

 Standing strong, I finish my lines.

I break down to show my hideous disguise.

All of my doubts and fears fled into the growing crescendo of cheers.

Making my way, I smile at the applause,

Removing the mask, behind the façade.


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This is very well written! Excellent choice of diction. Keep writing!


Thank you so much! It means a lot!

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