Behind Closed Doors

Through the silence I hear the screams

A picture of a perfect family lying in a broken frame

A lifetime of happiness

A lifetime of lies

"If possible I never would have married him"

Mother says through the tears

If possible I would go back

Back to bedtime stories

Dinner as a family

Back to tearless night

I wish I never looked behind the closed doors

I let loose the hidden monsters

I let secrets run free

Now our perfect family has become a shattered mystery

We are broken

Trying to pick up the pieces I am only left cut

You see us from the surface of who you want us to be

Maybe your perseption would change if only you could see

If only you could see us behind closed doors

This poem is about: 
My family



This is a poem about finding out that what you knew your family to be your whole life was infact not the truth, about a lifetime of hurt coming up all at once. 

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