The Beginning

There once was a boy who crushed on a girl,

He wanted to give her the whole wide world.

Each time she spoke his head was in a whirl,

Her eyes sparkled, hair all pretty and curled.


He thought of their future, she thought of now.

The pain in her heart caused heartbreak for all,

He wants to love her, she doesn’t know how.

She’s always been fearful to jump not fall,


Yet this time was different she jumped head first.

He asked one more time she gave him a chance,

He was so happy his heart almost burst.

He knew he liked her ever since first glance.


Their lives, lived happily ever after

It was filled with happiness and laughter.


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A lovely cute love poem with a nice happy ending. Rhymed awesomely wow.


Pleez do review/comment  my newest poem too, titled, "witch doctors". I like reading others thoughts and meeting poem pals. I see commenting is totally not common here but interaction is good so we should.


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