Because you loved me

 Because you love me… 

  This morning my outfit was inappropriate. My slightly worn jeans And long sleeve black shirt Was scandalous  Because I love you…  I had to change So when I walk into school I wear jeans that are 4 sizes too bigAnd your hoodie. You caught me putting on makeup yesterdaySo today, my face is clear. Because you love me… Check in babe First hour is over, I need to put my phone away before they take it Because I love you… No boys. Because you love me… Today I am working on a projectThere are two boys in my groupYou told me not to talk to themThey are dangerous Because I love you… I have to get good grades I have to break your rule I'm sorry But I'll tell you the truthBecause you love me… Check in babe Passing period now, next is L2K. Because I love you…  I had to talk to those boys, I’m sorry but I'm doing it for you, not because I believe I'm smart. Because you love me… L2K was an academic program An honor to get into Said to be impossibleBut you hated it. Hated the girls I was with Because they said you were bad for me Because I love you… I should have picked language over science So I’ll fail out of my impossible programAnd go to school with you Because you love me… I should go sledding with you Even though I have a concussion You are bored So I should go    Because I love me… I said no   To someone newBecause you love me…You support my decisions It’s not about my bodyBut about how I feel in it Because I love you… I am confident in my choices I wear what I want And my cheeks turn red When you show me off  To someone newBecause you love me… You don’t get mad When I’m busy and can’t respond Instead you wait And get excited when I do Because I love you… I answer when I can And understand Sometimes you’re busy too    To someone new Because you love me… You know the name Of every guy friend I have And laugh at the stories I tell of them Because I love you… I am honest about these friends And never overstep the line Because I choose you    To someone newBecause you love me… You motivate me To do the best I can And care about my grades And celebrate my victoriesBecause I love you… I support your decisionsEven if they aren’t the same I would have madeOur core values are the same And that’s what matters    To someone new Because you love me… You accept when I don’t want to see you You know it’s not personal Because I love you… I am in a relationship with myself And I am in a relationship with you

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