Because I Love You

Written October 22, 2017


Although your chest kisses mine

And our thighs are intertwined,

I can feel it spewing from your lips.



what they speak of

When your hands are deep within my hair

And your whispers flutter between my lower limbs

And I choke on words that drown in the waves of your reddened skin.



What they speak of

When I laugh at the sounds our bodies make

And your eyes, they wonder through my many shapes

And I ask you why you look at me this way.

"Because I love you," you say.



What they speak of

When you curse my past for making me so afraid

To live or cry or for driving me insane.

You say my touch is also your favorite escape.

"Because I love you," I say.



What they speak of

When our fingers are locked, and I begin to shake

Not of pleasure but fear of a past mistake.

Flashbacks dagger -- No! Stop! No! -- but you push them away.

You are here and he has gone away.



What they speak of

When your palms send shivers through my veins

Fingers praise my flaws with touches that leave me nearly faint.

If only 5 years ago we could see each other this way.

You did but that was sadly my delay.



Exactly what they speak of

When silence does not matter and your arms shatter all my past heart breaks.

Your caresses are daily wanted weaknesses --

Kisses, brightest moments of my day --

Words are positively never ordinary, never insults just praise.

And everything means something when your laughter makes me feel this way.



Exactly what I think of

Whenever I think or say your name

Because I love you

And I know you feel the same.

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