Because I Love you

Because I love you I will set you free;

I will let you go and experience every little thing.

I’ll let you fly as high or low as your every dream,

Whether they bring you closer or set you far

Because I love you, I will let you fly.

I’ll be your oxygen and not your carbon;

I’ll let you grow and become inspired.

Side by side or on your own,

Your every dream will come true.

I will not command you or even surround you.

I will tell you with all the truth that nothing is out of reach.

If you wish it, you all must say is so

And because I love you, we will pursue it until the end.

Side by side or far apart I love you.

Whether you stay or go

follow your dreams and achieve each one.

Be inspired and let yourself grow.

Never take no, and achieve it all.

Because I love you my biggest dream will come true,

For all I wish is for your every dream to come true.

Side by side or far apart I wish all the same,

I will not hold you back but let you bloom.

Be open and compassionate

But don’t hide from me, I’m here for you.

By your side as a lover or a friend

Forever yours now till then.

I love you when you’re down and when you’re high

I love you when compassionate and when you’re open like a book.

Because I love you your every dream is also my own.

In every story, we will find your happy ever after.

Whether together or far,

I’ll see you fly.

I’ll watch your wings grow and achieve.

Because I love you and If you wish it

It will be. For I will give you your every dream.

Honest and Communication are of importance

Because every good team, as we are, needs them most.

Because I love you I will set you free

To be inspired and be the inspiring.

Whether each mountain is higher or shorter than the last

I will be here to the end and side by side we will achieve it at last. 


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