Because I love You

The three simple words ‘I love you’ hold mass amounts of worth

People do crazy things for love

 Good and Bad

 Healthy and Unhealthy

Growing up to only have seen unhealthy relationships has shied away closeness of future relations

From experience ‘I love you’ are just words said emptily without real meaning

Actions will speak louder than words

Looking back when father’s fist would collide into the tender flesh of his children then his girlfriend

Once the abuse was over the endowing words ‘I love you’ from father would be said the next day

Tears would be flowing

 Questions repeating over and over in our thoughts

Why is this happening? What did I do?

Why did someone who means so much hurt us in the name of love?

Love consist of wanting to around each other

 Involvement of no manipulation and control over the other

Just pure enjoyment of being in each other’s presence

Love should feel like a warm blanket putting you at ease letting worries dissipate

 Relationships should consist of three interwound factors

Compassion, Respect, Trust

Today’s relationships virtues have become a normality to ignore each other’s feelings

Based on lust without the emotional connection

Where did the feelings of love go?


This poem is about: 
My family


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