'healthy relationships'

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Give me a gentleness sweeter than the turn of the earth And the rosy red faithfulness that pours from your lips  If I love you, I will smile, and set down the edge
Because I love you, Loyalty is no question, It should not be considered a suggestion, There should be mutual respect between you and me, But acknowledging each other's opinions is key, I should feel secure,
Because I love you I’ll sacrifice myself Because I love you I’ll treat you like a Queen Because I love you I’ll listen to what you say Because I love you I’ll give of myself  
Hungarian Az egyszerű dolgok a legtöbbet jelentenek. Felébredni a reggeli illatára Emlékezni megvajazni a pirítósod Bókolni, szép nyaklánc Megmosni az autód amikor undi  
Because I love you we talked about the serious issues And we didn’t yell or scream or shout Because I love you I told you the truth about my feelings
Because I love you…   I love you These are three words and one feeling That we agree on enthusiastically
“Dating is a chain in which two or more people gather in an enjoyable, consensual romantosexual relationship.” That is what the textbook’s stating But let me tell you the reality of dating Now, don’t get me wrong
You would know when you understand. And you would understand when you feel it, If It’s the real kind of love, The love that gives you freedom,
Because I love you You should feel safe. I am an open ear, A shoulder to cry on, And just a phone call away.   We can talk for hours. Even if we don't say a word,
I'll wrap you up in linen blanket, the one with your favorite pattern. I'll turn on the channel to your favorite show, the one with the blue haired guy. I'll bring you home a candy bar, the one you eat too much of,
Restarted heart.   Mom, I made a poem in school today. It went something like, “I’m going to get up and find a way”.
Because I love you Time stands still when you're around Because I love you I finally feel safe Because I love you I know we're meant to be
When you turn and look You see me Not my body, not my beauty Just warmth   When I look towards you I see you
When I tell you I love you, It isn't to make you stay. I literally mean it in every way. You respect me and accept me For all the crazy things that I do.
A new branch has formed on my family tree... Because I love you.   You show me compassion even when we are upset... Because you love me.  
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