Beautiful as Told by Society



An arbitrry concept created by mind numbing expectations set fourth by overpriced magazines with images of "socially acceptable" women.


A discription of what society values more than actual intellectual thought.

To be beautiful.

An accomplishment that can never truly be met because no human with their feet upon this planet can ever meet the standards placed before them.

Happiness defined as of 2011.

All of the above.

Since when did perfection become beauty?

When did the times of size twelve Marilyn Monroe turn into size zero Nicole Richie?

When did it become the norm for little girls, no older than SEVEN, to reject food because, well, skinny  is beautiful?

We have created a culture where men and women alike deny the existance of such standards, yet they enforce them on their kin!

Children are encouraged to have specific workout routines and apply make up without faulter.

They are pushed to have abs as little boys and thigh gaps as little girls.

Every image that these kid's parents put in front of them only solidify the corrupt guidline of "beauty".

We are now living in a society where a mole or birthmark is a blemish and seemingly unattractive.

A society were the individuality of a person's appearence is not supported nearly as much as that of their character.

A society where boys better "man up" and lift those weights because "fat" is a disgrace.

A society where a mother cannot tell her baby girl that she is beautiful because the world already said that she wasn't!

But those preexisting expectations are not set in place.

No, not at all.

Well, welcome to a culture shock.


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