The beautiful smile

That beautiful smile

I shall never forget

The smile you gave to everyone 

So beautiful

I can visualize it

I wish I can see it again 

But you're gone

It has been so long since I last saw you

Everyday you're on my mind

Not once do I not think about you

What made you have the decision to dissappear?

What was going on?

How come I never noticed.

The last time I saw you were happy

A beautiful smile I would never forget

Days later you're gone

The last time I saw you

You were in a casket

Pictures of the you around you

An angel

Is what I describe you

You've impacted so many

I'm thankful for that

You're beautiful smile I would never forget.

You've made a change

You've lived your life to the fullest 

Til next time Nathan

I miss you

My guardian angel

My friend

You will always be remembered


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