true beauty

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It's who she is that makes her beautifuland not her looks that make her glowBut her soul shines through her fleshlike the sun that beams against the iciclesUniquely designed snowflakes intricately combined
My heart was thunder in my chest Upon my shoulders A mountain pressed  My shredded dress Blew in the wind She took my hand, The sorceress. Time froze like ice Her cool blue eyes
Contrary to popular setup,Beauty isn't on the outside,It can't be found in clothes, money, or makeup,Or in color, shape, or size,Beauty isn't in hobbies or even sight,
dear world,  and people that love math,  and shapes,  and lines and boxes,  I think you should know that these things are dumb and pointless.  (except circles) 
I denounce holy books and prayer Rituals, sacred beliefs, and such
They say beauty is only skin deep. And that true beauty is fitted to the soul. To these I might agree. For simple beauty is not but a visual stimuli that releases dopamine.
Filters. We all use them.
I wake from my deep slumber Alarm sounding loudly I rub the crunchies out of my eyes I scratch my dry, dusty skin My hair is in stringy tendrils Half up but yet half down My eyes are red and sore
We Are the Real Deal I am not perfect Really, who in the world is? The photoshopped girls In teen magazines? Their thigh gaps and twelve inch waists Just fake perfection.
One is a choice while the other is given merely without consent. One is condemned for the choice they didn't have while some may be praised for it. The other explains itself by how it is radiated, but both is judged by the eye of the beholder.
True beauty is in the way she laughsTrue beauty is in her eyesTrue beauty is how she actsTrue beauty is insideTrue beauty is unseenTrue beauty is only feltTrue beauty is not mean
Long locks Cute tops And they call me shallow Rip and cut Till it up And leave the field fallow Flowers wilt Petals fall And a tree becomes hollow Wait and watch Till the weeds pop
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