The Beaten Down

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 14:44 -- Memohow

Behind a mask I hide

Hidden from sight

A bright smile that lights up the night.

I try to keep quiet

As I scream behind gritted teeth

And know that my struggles are far

From over

I cry when no one sees

I yell where no one can hear

I wait for someone to see me

Do you see me?

Do you truly see me for what I am?

Not just the optimist

The hard-worker

The smart one

The strong one


The one with everything on my shoulders

The one that can't keep going

The one that always tries too hard.

See behind the smile filled with pain

See the real me, I'm begging you

For I am The Beaten Down

And you know what?

I can be the person above

The optimist,

The hardworker,

The smart one,

And the strong one,

So much more -

If I stop being The Beaten Down,

Take off the mask,

And stand up tall.



This is the first slam that I've ever posted and it perfectly describes what I feel right now. I hope y'all like it

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