Beaten and Alone


United States
32° 28' 24.8376" N, 93° 49' 47.6796" W

A door opens
Empty of memory
Cold, Dark, Eerie

Depression creeps in

Sadness takes over
The walls drooping with pain
Crying tears of blood

No acceptance from reality
Pain has overcame pleasure

Insecurity seals the door shut

Echos of lost years
Vibrate against the walls
Causing their poison to leak through the floor


Drowned in sin of the world
Toxic, tragic yet blissful

Is this the LIFE I live?

Gazing at the window
Dreaming of what's lost
Lousy of what's to gain

Filled with sorrow of uncertainty
Dumbfounded of the Light that gives Light

Shattered glass underneath me
Relief is rising towards the peak of my exposition

Endless heart dying

Matchless love against the odds
Seeking, shouting, hoping for
the Waters to calm at command

the Wind blows the rush back
Confused, stupified

A door opens
Empty of memory
Cold, dark, eerie...

Beaten and Alone


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