To Be Heard


United States
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Look how hard it is
To be heard in a world where everyone's voice is drowned out
By violence in the streets, sirens blaring, babies crying, and a mother's sobs for her dead son.
Look how easy it is
To be judged in a world where everyone's got an opinion about everything,
From what you wear to where you live to what God you worship and who you choose to love.
See how common it is
To be just another person jumping on the bandwagon
Of hate, immaturity, empathy, and prejudices against those who we should call our brothers.
See how simple it is
To change the lives of those around us
With a word of encouragement, an act of kindness, an acknowledgement of the sacrifices of a vet that's begging for change on the side of the road after their country abandoned them.
This is what it takes to be heard, to push past the prejudices and see someone for who they are, to forge your own path instead of following in others' footsteps, to change the world with your voice.
It takes courage and defiance, persistence and the fire in your heart to make something happen in a world that only wishes to silence, judge, follow and sustain.
Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."
So quit whispering and do what it takes TO BE HEARD.



This poem is really inspiring. It would be interesting to take action through poetry (especially given how powerful this poem is).


Thanks, Marie. I was hoping it would come across as strongly as I feel. :)


I know what you mean!

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