Be Happy Instead

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 16:06 -- m.tpete

When you first took that step from me,

I held my breathe to see if you would leave.

Even I could see,

that after our break,

our love was no longer free.

Heartache and tears.

Contempt and fears.

I won't lie.

I tried to cut ties

and I hated myself for losing my mind.

The side of me I wanted to hide.

In fact I did.

But guess what,

I lied.

I'm not fine.

I wanted you mine.

I crossed the line.

I'm sorry.

But this isn't a sap story.

This won't end gory.

I'm not in purgatory.

I said just fuck it,

be happy instead.

I'm in control of my head,

Of myself.

I got help.

I'm fine, I think.

I know I can't command my fate,

but let me tell you how it feels to be fucking great.


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Credit is due as 2 lines are inspired by UNO and Best Friend, songs by Rex Orange County. Check him out.

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