To be continued...

change of heart

change of perception

change in my character

your character

change your body

big booty

cleavage that actually exists

or maybe hand some of it back over to God

“Here God, take a piece of this fat. I dont need it and sure don't want it!”

change schools

“The teachers ain’t even teachin’,

so why I gotta try?”

change who I call my friends

“aye, you know ol’ girl messin’ with yo ex, right?

change your room

change your lifestyle

“I don’t wanna be a playa no more…”


change the way I love

change how I dress

change my neighborhood

*bang bang!*

“so how many survived?”

change my name

call my flowerchild

call him brutha to the night

call me daughter

call me friend

change the amount of money I have in the bank

change my job

if i had one

change the fact that I DON’T have a job!

change the time I have to wake up for school

change the cost of tuition

I don't want mama worryin’ about paying for college

change my hair color

ain’t nothin’ wrong with purple

change my heart

be smart about who I let in and who I allow to leave

change my …

-Jermesha Striblet


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