Back Together again

It was abrupt when

I shattered a clock,

hurled it to the ground,

stomped and smushed it flat,

kicked it off, aside

and left you kneeling,

trying to put it Back

Together again.

I didn’t look back.

I said it’s no use

so that you’d leave too.

I left you alone

and eventually

you did- you left too.

But a while later

I looked back, realized 

I wanted the past,

saw the wreck I made.

So I rushed over

and tried putting all

the pieces together

like it was before.

Trying to rewind.

But some were missing,

some no longer fit,

some pierced my fingers.

I called you over

to help, but you yelled

from somewhere distant,

said its no use and

that I should leave too.

But here I kneel, still 

waiting for you to 

come help me put the

pieces, that I broke,

Back Together again. 

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