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I am a complex math function 

that you cannot understand.

So, what do you do first?

Step 1: Factor completely.

Extract my primes and variables, 

boil me down to simplest terms,

strip me of anything excess.

Why is it that when we do not

understand something,

we must

undress it

make it vulnerable?

Why can't we just comprehend its 

value without makeing our own adjustments?

Step 2: Combine like terms.

There is nothing similar 

nothing you can combine.

I am made up of 

complex numbers,

individual variables.

Nothing is alike another.

You must feel like such a mathematician now.

The bell dings, rings, sings.

Time for anatomy, doctor.

Today's objectives?


Just a few letters shy of "disrespect".

Did you ask permission before you slipped your scalpel 

into the lateral of thatfetal pig?

Another subject of

forced vulnerablility.

Why mst you hook your claws

into everything you touch?

Can't you just appreciate

without having to investigate?

I haven't felt whole since

you decided you burn your fingerprints 

into my epidermis,

I diid not ask for this.

They should have a class 

for kids like you.

Lesson One: a woman is GREATER than the

sum of her parts.

Lesson Two:there is MORE in life than sexual

desire and what you call "love".

Lesson Three: you will be treated the way YOU treat others.

Crack open a book.

Soak up this knowledge.

Take some notes,

because I'll only explain this once.

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