The Babble of an Unproud American

Why is it that America is so free?

When if you look inside we're all locked up like theives.

They say it's a pot with all melted in.

Then why must they seperate the whites from the bin.

I am Spanish American because of my skin.

Then there's an African American.

The one that makes the least sense.

Because if they are African American

(Though they've been here as long as the white)

Then why don't we say oh hello British American?

Born on this soil, yet I am ashamed

To say I am American,

is like saying I'm a scam.

Yo soy Dominicana, pura.

Where the Spanish settled

married some slaves

raped some tainos

and became my race

In Mexico the same happened leaving no white trace

Yet America gets the privalage of saying they are a mix too?

Just white mixes is really what they should say.

Spanish is here, black you stay there

As the white sit on there throne

In the kingdom of false care

Now I will admit theres reverse racism

and special treatment that is unfair

but we would never have needed it

if the white wouldn't have started.

Human nature I guess

to try and hate those for the past

and so i ask you how long will it last?

Till we all realize It started with Adam and Eve,

all sisters and brothers

fighters and lovers.

Yes your hair is blonde

and my skin tan

his eyes are hazel

and her hips big.

Yet we are all here

Not to burden another

but to try and understand

how a world can know so much

yet learn so little

and stay as such

where America the great

is seen as a place

to run to, jump the border swim as fast as you can

When the lies you were told

the mythes of an American Dream

Become exposed

as you work as a dishwasher

Wishing for your country once more.

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Aubrie Smith

This was wonderful to read. Your ambivalence about the "American Dream" is one shared by hundreds, thousands of Americans. You are not alone and your message is important.
My favorite lines were:
"Yes your hair is blonde

and my skin tan

his eyes are hazel

and her hips big."
Keep writing! :)


Props from a Maltese German Irish Russian Native American guy! Great read!

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