B stands for Bicycle

Mon, 09/26/2016 - 18:52 -- sudanna


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Mom dad I need to tell you something 

I am a bi...cycle ya a bicycle

I love long rides on the beach and I am strong sturdy and fast.

But I must let you know I will be two times more likely to be stolen from a home and vandalized than then the unicycle next store because they thought I would be open and easier to ride.

Wait no that's not right I mean I am 

Bi...lingual ya bilingual I know both English and French and I love both the languages and cultures so i might move to Paris but I might just stay in Canada because that's what everyone wants. 
People will tell me to pick a language and sometimes I'll say things my English speaking friends don't understand but they'll understand because I'm just confused right?

No, but really guys I'm bi....sexual there it is bisexual. And before you ask no I'm not confused I might marry a girl I might marry a guy and sometimes I'll say things you don't quite get but that's okay ill walk you through it.

I like men and women and because of my flexibility on the subject, I am two times more likely to be assaulted by someone who knows me. People won't date me because bisexual is a synonym for slut and easy and they can't be bothered with the competition and even though the B in LGBTQ stands for BI it might as well mean bicycle because I will be treated as an outcast even in the outcast circle.

Mom dad I'm bisexual and I'm tired of people using my sexual identity as something to scorn and degrade I'll love who I love and I hope others can say the same.

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