At 5"1 I like to say

My height is classified.

That's why I like social media

All those "flaws" you can hide.

If you were to ask about the real me,

I'd roll my my brown eyes and shake my tiny head,

I mean what am I supposed to say

My life is school, church, bed.

I guess I could start with my ethnicity

'Cause it always comes up in conversation

It's okay you can say "third world"

Instead of politically correct "developing nation".

I've been to Ghana only once and I'd do it all again

Just to see my aunts, uncles, cousins,

And make some more new friends.

So now you see where the 4c hair originates,

The skin so smooth, so dark.

Although I've never been your average African American,

Being any kind of black's no walk in the park.

K let's move on to hobbies

I play violin and dance and sing

Although I've never been the best singer

That's more of an on-the-side thing

And I might have to scracth out dancing

'Cause I've never had an actual lesson

But I'm hoping college will lessen 

The amount of inexperience that is present.

Violin, though is very valid,

I've been playing since 6th grade,

It's accounted for half the awards I have

And many of the friends I've made.

It's where I got my thirst for competition

And my want to petition for fair treatment of the arts

"Classical music is underappreciated" I rant.

"It makes people smart!"

I guess I'm passionate about three things,

My hair, my art, and God,

You say anything to disrespect-Oooohhhhh 

If you were my child you'd be gettin the rod

Yet, I'm easy to get along with,

(If you pass my mental test)

Ok, I'm kinda selective

Only 'cause I want the best

Kind of life I can possibly get

'Cause I never truly knew the struggle

Of having emotions to juggle,

such as coping with debt.

Maybe my ambitions tend to cloud

my good intentions of those

I care about-

The people that I chose

To be apart of my life

To share my heartache and my strife

To keep my hands away from a knife

(That last situation isn't rife)

It may sound like I use people

But lesbihonest I really appreciate

The people in my life that love me

And accept me when I, myself, would hate.

So beneath the edited senior photos

Featuring the girl with unmatched swagger

Lies that Ghanaian-American girl 

In lounge clothes who would rather

Be curled up with a good book yet 

At the same time surrounded by good people.

See, I always thought I was complicated

Smart, stupid, confident, feeble.

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