Mon, 06/24/2019 - 23:48 -- wells

My cries awoke me to harsh lights, unfamiliar hands, and cold
 Placed in my mom's arms, at peace, curled up and consoled
Running, and hiding, and balls flying, the world was mine, I was told
 Body strong and free, spirit happy and carefree, never wanting to grow old

Unspoken and unpermitted agreements that have been doled
 Bristles from unversed hurts lead me to a private uncharted code
Anesthetized, my spirit sleeps, solemn chains become my ode

WAKE UP! WAKE UP!  my incessant spirit pleas a thousandfold -
 Yanking the chains of confinement and self doubt, to look beyond what has been sold

Awakened, the stage becomes mine, I am terrified but bold 

Innate spirit lifts my soft voice to unfold

Applause erupts, admiration is bestowed
 Unrecognizable, I am one with the spirit that foretold

    To honor my soul, forever gold

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