Awake choking,Bathe crying,Walk

Awake choking,
Bathe crying,
Walk limping,
Become deserted,
And you'd understand why suicide is prevalent,
It's just another way out of this claustrophobic world,
Some times fate takes too long,
And there's way too much that we're going through,
Life doesn't stop for anyone,
Time does not stop for anyone,
You enter this world alone,
And leave it alone,
That pain you go through,
You go through that alone too,
So that blade that you use to erase the pain,
Leaves you with scars,
Scars that people judge you for,
Then your doing it more because no one understands,
This temporary physical pain,
Numbs, the emotional pain,
Even if just momentarily.

Seeing that pretty perfect cheerleader doesn't help,
She may be one of those people hurting you,
And she doesn't even know,
But what you don't know,
Is that her life's fucked up too,
Daddy beats her,
And her mother drinks away her blues,
So she acts like a pretty princess to hide her wounds,
Negativity can turn into positivity,
But that doesn't mean be a bitch to others because you've got it bad,
Nine times out of ten they do too.

The body is weak,
And the Soul is willing.
Do everyone a favor and understand the struggles,
Because some of us have had 99 problems and then some, before the age of ten.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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