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the blue sky warps and curves on the opposite side of the water's surface. my last few bubbles of air escape, slipping hastily to the clear, watery membrane above, blurring the view of a new world,
Away from the students Away from the teachers Away from the stress Away from the homework Away from the tests Away from the school   Away from everything Is my spot
November 30, 2013   Autumn Leaves   These autumn leaves ride the golden breeze So warm and inviting This city hasn’t felt a night like this in lifetimes
Beautifully runs through the tall green grass at night playing nature's songs.
The grass holds the history of days past The sky paints an ever changing picture of life  The sea brings life of all kinds into view    Nature teaches me about myself.  
Beyond the oceans, Past the stars.. Through the moon.. And way beyond.. To the shores, Past the sunset.. At the sands, Is where we met.. Through the jungles... Through the trees..
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