my throat- dry

my eyes- watery

my armpits- sweaty (but not smelly)

my heart- beating- rapidy 

their eyes- looking right at me. 

flashbacks of all the times i spoke-

and paused too long in fear 

and spoke too quickly 

and rushed through

but not this time. i signed up for this-

every shy person's worst fear-

a public speaking course. 

i prepped. i practiced. i rehearsed.

my mirror knew my speech better than i did 

my mirror 

my arms- relaxed 

my heart- beat slowed 

i was back home, in my bathroom, staring in my mirror 

i took a deep breath 

and i did it.

just as if no one was there.

just as if no one was watching. 

the audience was never stopping me- i was. 

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