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I'm not a performer or an orator I've told you this many times, But you behave as if you lacked understanding   Everybody has different abilities It's unreasonable to expect everybody to be the same
I’m standing up here to tell you that this isn’t easy It’s like not being supported by any ground under your feet I can feel my heart playing jump rope with my vocal cords
my throat- dry my eyes- watery my armpits- sweaty (but not smelly) my heart- beating- rapidy  their eyes- looking right at me.  flashbacks of all the times i spoke- and paused too long in fear 
They say "all the world's a stage,and all the men and women merely players", but when I look at you, I feel like I'd much rather be the audience to cheer you on forever
The guitarist wrinkles his face as he concentrates with dignity.   He flips the page on the stand, and adjusts his fingers accordingly.   The acoustic guitar resonates
For me For you But for no one By faith By life By all My eyes see what my mind won't My mind sees what my eyes can't For the love of the words And fear of the unknown
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