Attention Deficit All Alone (ADAA

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Attention Deficit All Alone


By Derick Gentner

The crumple of paper in the hall, a pen hitting the floor,

I have to see and hear and know it all, it could just be a door or it could be something more,

My teachers say it’s distracting, I say it’s interesting,

My parents say it’s bad, I say it’s fun,

My Doctor says it’s a problem, I ask

“How is it wrong?”

They want me to take pills that taste vile and will make me boring,

They mess with mind keep me awake and I listen to everyone snoring,

I don’t eat, I can’t sleep and when no one will listen I ask myself,

“How is this better?”

Why should I get rid of something that makes me unique?

I see everything and can’t focus in a boring classroom with its four walls all white,

I stare out the window while the teacher talks wishing with all my heart that I could be out there,

I read books galore of adventure, Mystery and more,

Simply to escape this drugged up life that is such a bore,

I will write until my hand is sore of heroes and monsters and treasure galore,

Only I won’t because everyone said that something was wrong with me,

They said it was bad so much that I believed them,

So I take my medicine and go through the day,

All the while wondering why they like me this way.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Stormie Shadle

I can relate. All my disorders make me unique



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