Mon, 07/28/2014 - 13:08 -- jaila45

It hurts. 
Like a blanket that engulfs my body into darkness whenever i see the light
I'm wheezing. 
It chokes me like a chain wrapped tight around my neck, egging me on to scream
Only i can't. 
My voice is bottled, It cries from the silence it's contained in "release me!"
Hoping-praying that one day it will escape
My eyes sting. 
They fight agaisnt the war behind my lids
Only they've already lost their battle. 
The chain around my throat grows tighter and tighter as each soldier falls
My voice is now wailing to be set free!
But I sit still-
Mouth closed.
Eyes shut.
And heart clenched, because i know the truth-
I'm praying for a freedom that will never come.
I've stopped breathing.



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