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The flock finds nothing to worry about. For with the cold sun, It shall fly south.   The lion wrinkles not Despite its kindred loss.
Shaping My Own View Imagery is very important asset in my life. Lyrically I can openly be expressive without words and that has been my safe place for years. Did you know colors represents different words?
My mother told me i had a chameleon soul, no moral compass, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisivness that was as wide and wavering as the ocean. I am a person who belongs to no one, who belongs to everyone.
"In spirit I am free. Free to spread my wings. Dream to fly, do I. Dream to experience new things. But in physical, I am caged. Caged till the end of my age. No. Freedom is not free.
You don't like my dress? 
 As these words ascend from my mind, this prosaic piece of paper transmutates  into something strikingly stupefying. Suddenly the cogitations of my spectators are saturated
Sometimes there are disruptions with the true beauty in life Those once in a while moments "Are my front teeth crooked? My arms are too flubby! Why do I have such ugly dark circles?!"
Imagine, Feel, Create Saturn sets on the horizon a View, such a view Does it exist?
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