The Art of Imperfection


I can see you watching

Waiting for me to fail

Exploit all my weaknesses

Every little detail

I know what you’re searching for

Perfection is what you seek

There is no room in your thoughtless heart

For the ugly and weak

To listen or not to listen

To break or to bend

The eyes that follow me everywhere

Some wounds do not mend

But did you know that I don’t care?

The fact that I am flawed?

My image is just the clothes I wear

My reputation isn’t all

How could you possibly know me?

You, who stand outside

Judging all of my mistakes

Questioning why I hide

Why do you add up all my flaws

If you don’t know my heart?

Look beyond the surface now

Step back and restart

Can you see past everything

That I will hide behind?

See past all my imperfections

Look into my mind

Can’t you see I’m flawless?

You can’t disagree

If you can see beyond everything else

Then you’ll truly know me

So please tread lightly on my heart

It’s not for you to break

Please step gently on my dreams

They’re not for you to forsake

Perhaps you won’t be so blinded by

Things that don’t exist

If you stop looking for perfection

Just move on to your next wish

Maybe I’ll never be quite perfect to you

I’ll smile and say it’s okay

But if you want to shatter my dreams

Please get out of my way

I don’t have time for that, you see

I have better things to do

There is an art to imperfection

And I won’t waste it on you

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Our world


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