Fri, 03/01/2019 - 08:51 -- breemk

I am of the youth

One with such a small voice

But though I cannot cast a ballot

I can still scream, and think like any other

I still have the right to make my own decisions


I went to a gathering of people like me

Calling and crying for peace

In our schools and our streets

We don't deserve to bleed at a stranger's feet

Because their minds aren't complete


I lifted my fists to with all the others

Screaming "Never Again" for the seventeen 

Later silent, signs of peace spreading through the crowd

I hold to my beliefs regardless of the backlash

Standing up for those who will never see their loved one's face


Cloaking myself in ebony

When poor legislation is passed

I am not afraid to say who I am

Or what I stand for, for the young can speak

It is our future to be had

Not for our elders to weep


I know my voice is but a small one

Yet if we don't fight for ourselves

No one else will

Which is why I fight still

Those in our future deserve nothing less

Than safety, those my generation will bore

Should not worry about dying young any more


Even if my contribution is just

Putting pen to paper, 

Thoughts into words

It will have to suffice

My voice and many other's will be heard

This poem is about: 
My country


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