Are You Strong?


Breathe in

Breathe out

The exhale is a gust

blowing the pain of depression out

Bulimia catch the tale wind leave me please

No you bring me

right back to the beginning

Momma don't drink

Momma don't do this

No con-trol

Spiral out 

on the cold bathroom tile

hands aching

throat sore

get back up to

the real world

Smile at everyone

be hap-py

You are strong she says

over and over to me

Bulimia says strength is not eating

strength is the bloody nose

of getting rid of those


strength is the running

of miles until 

the blackness hits

Be strong and no one will know

But the curtain falls 

and behind the scenes

here I am

broken down

crying on the ground

I know now 

that strength is

getting back up

until only my feet touch 

the cold ground

up and up

smile sweetly

no one knows how

the strength works

inside of you




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