Are You Happy with Yourself??

are you happy with yourself?

Pretending to be what you're not,

Wanting all the judging to stop.

Huriting yourself,

quick cover it up.

there's not prescription for happiness,

behind your fake smile.

Trying to maintain the latest image of beauty,

not knowing you're covering up who you truely are.

Why aren't you smiling?

If your not sick and you're not dying, you shouldnt be crying.

Accept who you.

Theres only one kind of star,

they're in the sky, shining bright and high.

You've got a special quality, dont let their words steal it.

Cause you wouldnt be you if you weren't sharing it.

If life is so short, then why arewasting it worring about what others think?

Stop compating yourselfto everyone else;

Only you can set a destination to your future. Just becauseno one said how hard the journey will be doesn't mean its no longer worth it.

The hardest things comw with the greatest rewards.

Take away from your flaws & find out how they make you unique. Then stand on our feet walk to the nearest mirror and see that you're amazingly strange yet diffrent in the best ways.

dont change...

your face..


                                    nor body.


Poetry Slam: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

have inner strength by faith

have faith, have faith

well done

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