April Fools

"I'ma rape ya!"

They say

"It's just a joke"

They say 

"Don't tell your mom"

He said

"Please don't say things like that"

I said to them

"It's just a joke.

Don't over react"

They said

"Shh don't cry, it won't last long

I'll never do it again"

He said

"Just please don't"

I said

"I said it was just a joke"

They said

But the picture in my mind

Was there again

April Fools.

He pinned me down and raped me

Claimed he would get me pregnant

Then laughed and said it was a joke

Just a joke

April Fools

This poem is about: 


Night Heart

A poem about my own experiences and what happens in my head when someone jokes about rape

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