April 26th

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 01:14 -- MLY

You called me today.

Told me you wanted her instead of me, that it made more logical sense

Because that’s what feelings are about right? Logic.

I cried. Yes, yes I cried. But I didn’t let you see me cry.

But I have my friends here, and they are wonderful.

But I’m sad, so, so, so sad.

I was taught how to solve an integral

I was taught about genetics

I was taught how to balance equations

I was taught how to analyze Hamlet

But never in my 13 years of schooling was I taught how you can miss someone so much that it cripples you and makes your knees shake and your courage disintegrate.

No, I wasn’t taught something that important

So here I stand, slowly breaking, putting off deciding to sink or swim, when no one ever taught me to swim, and the moments coming.

Will I learn? Or will I drown?


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