Anything But Cathartic


I wish I was famous
So I could expose your greatness
I want the world to see
How much you mean to me

I want you to need me like Jack needs Rose,
Like Ross needs Rachel,
Like Solo needs Leia.
I suppose it's not right to juxtapose
Because for all that we are, we have not what they compose
I presuppose this relationship will begin to transpose
Let me just interpose; I'm not ready to decompose

But now I live in a state of apathy
It's better than stirring in the agony
Up until now, I've felt so empty
I wish that you would just accept me for me

I thought we were worth these two hours
We were supposed to make new memories, just ours
I wanted to be with you until my dying breath
We could've been as permanent as my new bass clef

I'd apologize, but we know that I don't mean it
I say these words without bothering to omit
All the blissful bullshit that leaves your lips
Your personality reminds me of sack-sucking thrips:

Vitriolic from your flesh to the arctic of your heart
Nothing about you is cathartic
Sprint back to him frightful
This time my exit is final

Jesus didn't save me,
He's not one of my friends
When all I wanna do is tie up these odds and ends
This religion is fake, I don't feel I'm getting "saved"
When I turn to you, all you do is walk away
This religion is gone, and she is gone
I've got nowhere to turn; I guess I'll just turn and run

And if I'm on trial, then guilty's my plea
'Cause after all you know we're never truly free
When these shots of adrenaline are the only things that help me get better
The needle breaks in my skin and the smoke finally clears
"No, I'm not an addict, I just need someone who hears"

You'd be snortin' lines if you think that I'm lyin'
When I'm so close to dyin', and I leave them all cryin'
Let me leave you with this:
I was never an addict to these horrible drugs
I only ever wanted your love


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