Any Man

Does any man 

truly understand

what it really means

to love And be loved in return


To know 

that the better half

of yourself 

is someone else

and that their better half is you


I'm sure I'm not perfect

And I'm sure you're not, either

But nevertheless, I can't help but

want to Be with you every moment


What is love?

A noun or a verb?

Of the head or of the heart?

Don't even know where it stops or starts


This tingling in my toes

this feeling that only grows

The way I love you 

always shows


Looking past flaws

Seeing the good, with the draws

Maybe by accident, maybe at first sight

Maybe with a friend, but always bringing light


I've been many places

worn many faces

and I've never seen anything

as beautiful as you


Is it destiny? 

Is it God?

Or is it sheer luck 

that with the arrow, I've been struck


Even though it's true

I don't have a clue

how we'll live, what I'll be

if things'll work out happily


But I know that together, we'll stay

We'll always find a way, and whether it be

80 years or 80 days

you'll always be able to amaze


People think love is just an emotion

That it's just a feeling, a notion

That's it's happiness and butterflies 

and never wiping tears from eyes


But it's compromise, and strife

because love is really a way of life

It's putting her before yourself 

sacrificing your own health


If I've learned anything from love

it's that I know nothing thereof 

That love is a paradox, a mystery

immeasurable throughout history


That it shows itself in infinite ways

Manifests itself in countless displays

That it can be found in smallest "how was your day?"s

the "How're you doing?"s, the "Are you ok?"


Does any man 

truly understand

what it really means

to love And be loved in return




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