I’m concealed in all of your nerves,

I’m eating out your mind.

You’re wondering what you did to deserve

A soul so maligned.

You think you have control,

But actually you are weak.

It is me who possesses your soul,

And causes your mind to shriek.

You lock yourself in your room,

Hoping nobody will know,

When my real afflictions begin to bloom,

And my terror starts to grow.

You didn’t have to let me in,

But maybe it was unintentional.

Was it your genetic situation?

Am I just inevitable?

You think you can escape my madness

When you drift away to sleep

But is a life of sadness,

A life you want to keep?

Am I starting to drown you?

Am I doing my job right?

You wish you could begin anew,

But there’s no rescue from my poisonous bite.

All you desire is a second

Of content peace of mind.

Will I allow such a beacon?

Oh darling, you wish I was that kind.

Am I ruining your friendships?

Am I screwing up your life?

You can’t evade my hardship,

It’s like a constant, stabbing knife.

I’m very manipulative as you can see,

I am absolutely evil.

To be in a relationship with me,

Is like being married to the devil.

Oh, well look what’s coming,

The future, which I can tarnish oh so quick.

Will you let me be so cunning,

And eternally remain miserably sick?

I leave you constantly debating,

Should you stay or just quit now?

Maybe one day you’ll be as happy

As you’re pretending to be now.

You think I can be hidden,

And I’m just a figure in your brain.

Your only choices are to let me win,

or abandon me and relieve all your strain.


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