another love poem

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 02:29 -- adrjana

i love you so brutally.

sometimes i’d lay awake at night wondering

if you were the thing that kept me going

when i couldn’t anymore.


i never felt like i didn’t feel less,

because you were there beside me,

being there for me through everything.


you never acted like i was anything

or anyone but someone you wanted.

and you treat my thoughts and feelings like

they were valid, like i had something worthwhile to say.


meeting you will forever be one of

the greatest moments of my life.

you make me feel like a phenomenon.

you make everyday worth living,

you're my once in a lifetime.


i’ll always cherish all the moments we’ve spent

because everything else seem to be

irrelevant whenever you're with me.

when you look at me, i know that you really see me.

i don’t think anyone ever has.

not really. not the way you do.


i’ve given you more of me than i’ve given

to everyone else, and i don’t regret a single thing.

i can’t remember a time when i didn’t love you.

i’m not even sure a time like that ever existed.

being together with you, i finally know what it

feels like to be genuinely connected with someone.


with you, i learned that the closeness

of two people have no limits.

i never thought it was possible to feel closer

to you than i already did but it is.

it’s possible. i love you with all my heart.


and you have me.

until every last star in the galaxy dies,

you have me. 


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