Seems like just yesterday you lit up the world with your smile.

You never really liked your smile but I did.

Maybe it wasn't perfect but it was yours and I liked everything that was yours.

Your smile, your face, the way you walked

and the way you talked

because only you did things the way that you did them .

and no matter where I look I can't seem to find it twice.

But everyday I'm reminded of you by the songs I listen to that you gave a meaning to,

the smell of your favorite food

and when the rain falls on my roof because ever since you left it hasn't stopped raining.

I can't seem to sleep at night.

I even leave a light on just in case this is all a dream and you come home.

And every year when I celebrate my birthday you won't be there to celebrate with me.

And on your birthday there will be no celebration, just memories of you and a bunch of tears streaming down my face because I love you

but now that love has no place to go.

I question how many tears you cried by yourself

and I wish I could've been there to wipe them all away because you were loved and you still are.

People care about you, somebody always cared about you.

We miss you everyday and there is nothing we can do about it.

No superhero and no prayer in the world can bring you back.

I know that everybody's got their reasons as to why they do the things they do, but you didn't have to do that.

You didn't have to feel alone and face things by yourself,

there is always an answer.

Nobody is perfect, and it's not about being perfect, it's about being you

but now I'll never get you back.

The world will never get you back and it will never get to see another you, because that's how magical you were.

1 in over 7 billion.

But now you're gone and I'm here.

And I wish you were here with me because life is a beautiful thing and I wanted you to be alive to see it.

Darkness doesn't last forever and eventually it will stop raining, even the rain that's been pouring since you left.

And I will turn off the light again and sleep at night because it's not a bad life, just some bad times and right now losing you hurts but I will always carry you in my heart

even though I'd rather walk by your side instead.

I wish you could see these clouds pass by but I know you're on the other side of that rainbow.

I miss you.

I guess I'll get to see you on the other side, then.

I love you, don't forget that.


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