I must conceal it most of the time.

Though when I reveal it I never make a crime.

I admit there are times when I probably take it to far.

Although I never realize that I am, for I never stop until I win the war.

When I am in school it is never revealed.

Unless you mess with me, or my friends, only then it will be unconcealed.

I tell you, what I have is a rage unlike any other.

The anger that I have, when it comes out the other side of me is completely smothered.

No one would suspect a nice girl like me to have such a raging anger.

When it comes out beware, for you are in great danger.

My opponent can do what ever he or she likes.

I never stop until I'm satisfied, and whenever I know that I have won the fight.

So yes, I have an anger that is so strong indeed.

I try really hard not to reveal it, for I may lose everything that I have and need.


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