And I am a Poet


I have a soft voice. I am rarely called upon.

But my thoughts scream so loud

And my eyes hold back tears

And I breathe breaths so ragged

They tear at my lungs.

And I have a soft voice.


I have gentle hands. They lay peacful at my sides.

But so often they cling to my chest

And grasp at the truth

When I see injustice

And poverty.

And I have gentle hands.


I have a soft step. Strangers do not look up as I pass by.

But I will burst forth with all my might

When it is my turn to inspire the world,

To change,

To fight.

And I have a soft step.


I have a loving heart. It beats quietly.

But I am torn with anger at those who wrong me

I will not be warm in the face of the wicked,

I will not shy from a battle.

And I have a loving heart.


I am a poet.

But I will not fill a stanza with meaningless rhymes

And I will not simply speak of love

As if injustice does not exist.

I will protest those who hold me back.

My words will not live on paper.

And I am a poet.




Its funny because o read this b4 you commented on my post


This is amazing and in some way I can kinda relate.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are a poet

you define your style

behind your soft voice and gentle hands as you stated

there is roar louder than an angry lion

when that moment happens where you need to express yourself, make it count

great poem


My favorite part was the image you created with the "But my thoughts scream so loud, and my eyes hold back tears." I like how this poem has a type of silent intensity to it. Keep writing!


I love ypur style and the flow of this poem. My favorite part is:
"But I will burst forth with all my might

When it is my turn to inspire the world,

To change,

To fight."


This is beautiful.


This is so beautiful and effortless. It's as if you are just speaking, but it speaks volumes. Through your poetry, you do not sound aggressive but fierce in your spirit. Stanza 2 is my favorite, with the imagery of you grabbing at your chest, your hand over your heart with sympathy for the mistreated. I share that desire with you, wishing that things weren't the way they are and hoping that people would change the way they treat each other. I think you could change the world. Thanks for sharing this poem, I'm glad I stumbled across it. 

Marissa R

Gresham, OR


Thanks so much! I really appreciate the comments.



I love this, especially the part where it says, "But I will not fill a stanza with meaningless rhymes

And I will not simply speak of love

As if injustice does not exist.

I will protest those who hold me back.

My words will not live on paper."



I love how you begin each stanza and end it with the same thing; yet, creating a complete counter-climax. This was done by your definition and development of yourself, but to me it also creates a bit of irony as you state a positve thing about yourself: " I have a soft voice" in the beginning, and then explain deeper the complexities of that aspect of you, culminating in the same line repeated at the end: "And I have a soft voice". This gives the effect of the birth and death of this description of yourself, liberating and also creating a restrictive box for yourself at the very same time. This shows how you are more than your outer appearance, and yet, you are still your outer appearance. I liked that a lot! 


WOW :' D

The Darcy Perspective

This is breath-taking


This is beautiful and amazing! I feel like you are telling MY story...I could relate so well! THIS is what I try to achieve in my writing!


Thanks so much everyone. I love the support!


"I will not simply speak of love/As if injustice does not exist." This has to be one of the most powerful phrases I've read in poet declaration poem (that's what I call poems about poets calling themselves poets- say that 5x fast). It packed a punch and it was heartwarming, and heartbreakingly, true. I loved the repetition you presented and the image of yourself as a person and as a poet! I would have to say this poem has made it to my favorite list! 



I hope you keep writing, your an amazing poet, and your poetry shows the beautiful gift you have.


You have such great structure set throughout this entire piece, and it's just overall inspirational. Good job; keep writing! :)


And you are a great poet! Spoken all too beautifully!


I absolutely love the style of this. The rhythm is so powerful in its abruptness and briefness; I can feel the meaning in this poem. 

This poem is one of my new favorites. Fantastic job, and please continue to write, the world will be better for your having done so. :)





This poem sounds like something said intensely to someone in a conversation. And its something that is said with no eye contact but it stills the room, and makes everyone silent for a moment. Not a confession but a pouring of words that shames other more meaningless words and they disappear, causing that meaningful silence :D


This poem is so inspiring! 


Absolutely fabulous. I really enjoyed reading. Please keep writing forever. You actually get it.



Latin Poet

That was awesome

Melissa Courtnee

Love the style of the poem


This is absolutely incredible. You have perfectly described the way I personally feel about writing, about poetry, about expression through the written word. The feeling conveyed in this poem is beautifully written. I can't wait to read more from you.


I'm so impressed with your writing. I usually don't set my eyes on stranger's poems but it really caught my attention the fact that there was an audio to accompany the text. It kept me hooked after the second verse, it really took a turn on what I thought it would be. I'm really glad I found this poem and you should continue writing. Sorry if it's a late feedback but it was really amazing. ^·^


Absolutely beautiful. Very relatable


beautifully written! very deep and well-spoken. I felt like Iz was reading my own feelings, I can relate! feel free to check out some of my poems if you'd like, I'd apreciate it :) love your style girl


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