And I am a Poet


I have a soft voice. I am rarely called upon.

But my thoughts scream so loud

And my eyes hold back tears

And I breathe breaths so ragged

They tear at my lungs.

And I have a soft voice.


I have gentle hands. They lay peacful at my sides.

But so often they cling to my chest

And grasp at the truth

When I see injustice

And poverty.

And I have gentle hands.


I have a soft step. Strangers do not look up as I pass by.

But I will burst forth with all my might

When it is my turn to inspire the world,

To change,

To fight.

And I have a soft step.


I have a loving heart. It beats quietly.

But I am torn with anger at those who wrong me

I will not be warm in the face of the wicked,

I will not shy from a battle.

And I have a loving heart.


I am a poet.

But I will not fill a stanza with meaningless rhymes

And I will not simply speak of love

As if injustice does not exist.

I will protest those who hold me back.

My words will not live on paper.

And I am a poet.




This is amazing! So lovely "And I am a poet" <3


Oh I love! Holy god thats great! <3

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully Expressed!


this is so beautiful and so true don't keep your thoughts hidden behind your soft heart


This is truly inspring, keep up the good work.


Fierce; I love it...amazing. "My words will not live on paper"...really gets to me. I wrote something about such a feeling as well, rather influenced and inspiration by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus... Most specifically Victor Frankenstein himself who, himself being such a loner, confided in the reader... Or was it something to his dear sister...anyway, about how one cannot spend his lonesome just speaking to it is no good outlet to keep all your words unvoiced and unheard. I wonder then anyway, what shall be the purpose of language if it cannot be spoken? Right? Please pardon my long comment, I seem to have lost my thoughts a bit...


"I shall commit my thoughts to paper, it is true; but that is a poor medium for the communication of feeling." -Dr. Victor FrankensteinFrom Mary Shelley's Frankenstein aka the Modern Prometheus 




Calling this poem inspiring will be an understatement. The way you explain that injustice is above all and that our words matter and that we are powerful even if we're gentle, is remarkable.


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