Mon, 04/21/2014 - 16:39 -- joynera



We live in a world where it is hard to love one another.

We are all made in the image of God

But instead of giving a helping hand, we kill our brothers


Analogies are dangerous, actually they're deadly

From Emmett Till to Oscar Grant to Trayvon Martin to Jonathan Ferrell

they all sing the same melody


Steadily America has set equality by its own rules and its own pace

Any person that seems to make something of themselves and try to head "home"

The umpire send them back to 2nd base

1 step forward and 2 steps back

But even equality has taken a step back because this no longer just applies to blacks


This mentality has even trickled down to the kids

So when it comes to school or life, a "damn" is something they don't give

Those who say they aren't afraid to die, are usually afraid to live

So they strive for mediocre, welcome ignorance instead of dreaming BIG


Undedicated teachers also don't help our augmentation

Because the most important thing they lack is patience

There's nothing wrong with teaching English, History, Science, or y=mx+b

But also teach me something that displays its value to me

Not just how to fill-in the blank or circle the best answer given.

....What I truly need to survive are role models, self-esteem, virtues, facts about life, and intutition


So instead of teaching me a+b=c

Numbers that mean nothing to me

Now what if "a" equals you and "b" equals me

And the solution was filled with endless opportunities we could "c"


So imagine a world we're all together and "Heaven on Earth" is a place where we reside.

A place where we all strive for the best we can be and hold our heads with pride.

A place where blacks and whites, war and peace, even love and hate stand side by side.

A place where no one has to die, and no mother's with their son on a t-shirt have to cry

Because to be honest I want to be alive even after the age of 25, become a man of wisdom, grow old and die

A place where we as humans can love and live happily

...Now that's a perfect analogy 


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