Among the Fading Smoke

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:29 -- MrRaven


Allow me to be your magician.

Applaud! Be star struck by my illusions,

Feel the grandeur of what never really was.

Feel pride in what you run from most,

Behold you worst fear, and greatest pleasure.


Let me show you a thousand burning stars.

Rejoice! Partake of the dazzling splendor,

Ignore the growing void!

Ignore the man lost within the smoke,

See only what you wish to.


Permit me to become that which you desire.

Silence! Feel the warmth and feel the joy,

Do not look upon the searing flames.

Do not see the torrential rage within the cheer,

Peer upon the pain, but do not touch.


Grant me audience with your heart

Revolt! Understand that this is not who I am,

Break through all your misconceptions.

Break all the shadowy mirrors in my soul,

Witness that which I've kept locked within.

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