American Nightmare

This is my American nightmare, excuse me “dream”. 
Based off realities of things that I have seen,
What does it profit a man, does someone know? 
If he gained the whole world, but misplaced his soul? 
Living in that fast lane, where anything can be,
Welcome to America, the home of the free.
No, not free....enslaved by that green.
Emancipate your mind, and let freedom ring!
We interrupt this program to bring you something real,
A sneak peek of emotions you thought you’d never feel,
Just a sneak peek? Well that sounds like a scheme.
But this MY American nightmare, excuse me “dream”.
Oh say can you see, why happiness won’t reach us?
Money can’t buy it but that phrase won’t teach us.
We don’t pledge to the flag no more, but to that paper.
Stack after stack after stack, we can’t escape her...
Wicked politicians sit on Capitol Hill,
Starting wars over nothing, just for a few bills
And every single year it’s the same routine
God please wake me up from this nightmare, excuse me “dream”.


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