"America Was Created for All"

America was created for all

No matter what size even short or tall

Yet not everyone is treated the same

Throughout the years there has been little to no change

The demand for equality is great

Everyone should be entitled to the same fate

No matter the race, ethnicity, or religion

Equality is the overall mission

Freedom to choose, freedom to be

Is what America is supposed to mean to me

I know not everybody gets along

Yet in this great country, we all belong

It's time to forget our traditional ways 

So we can move on to a bigger, brighter better day

People are people and that is that

We don't always get along and that's a fact

But we can learn to accept and live 

Instead of living in hatred and fear, we can just forgive

All American should be treated fair 

Because we are all humans, therefore, we should care 

This amazing country of ours must be shared





This poem is about: 
My country


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