America the Beautiful, the Broken


United States
41° 12' 27.8388" N, 73° 26' 29.7348" W

America the beautiful, the broken


The late night party, he takes advantage

When she wakes up, she feels the damage

There are no repercussions for his evil deed

It was her own irresponsibility


America the beautiful, the broken


He meets a sting from the back of the hand

Blow after blow, another one lands

The screaming is loud and the tears are falling

People hear but police never come calling


America the beautiful, the broken


It started at 12 with painkilling pills

And although he took them, he wasn’t ill

He dropped out of school and joined a cartel

Now he sits all alone, dying in a jail cell


America the beautiful and the broken


She was bullied online by anonymous peers

Every night in her room, down her cheeks ran the tears

After thinking about it again and again

She decided her life would come to an end


America the beautiful

America the broken

What lies behind lies

What hides in the dark

Isn’t it time we opened our hearts?


This poem is about: 
My country


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