Am I Really Behind the Curtain?


Do I hide?

Would you see​?

I am not a cartoon

or I am not a mascot.

I have tattoos

and long braids.

I practice my traditions.

and I dance my stomp.

I walk quietly

and speak my mind.

Do you see me?

I am not hidden, 

nor do I try to hide.

I am not like you,

but I am not extinct.

I am me,

just me.

I am Native,


Eastern Cherokee to you.

I am a college student,

and a member of the men's basketball team.

You still do not see me

because to you I am just a mascot.

Hide behind my smoke?

You will never know,

cause even though you pretend 

to want to know me,

you do not.

As long as you pretend, 

you don't have to admit the truth.

Mascots are wrong. 

My people are not drunks,

addicts, or murderers.

My people are human,

and my people are proud.

My people are strong,

just like me. 

As long as you pretend I hide,

you can be happy.

To you, then,

I will remain the Savage

in your stories 

and a word

in the "documents of freedom"



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