An Altercation of a Tear

...sitting in a room, empty, consuming 
the thoughts surrounding the little heart inside
as a tear begins to form, and slowly falls to the floor,
a voice silently questions, what are those tears for?
what are your tears saying as they slip off your chin
as they fall to the puddle that's simply always been, 
accumulating there as they fall to your feet
simply waiting, yearning for a beat
of the heart that was there
a heart ever so fair, 
torn into two as we see in the eyes
of the small little being crowded in lies
of the past that has held 
a deep hurt inside
of the love that was lost
leaving memories behind
so we see everyday and ask every night
what would that droplet say 
if you think that it might? 
if these tears could talk they'd tell you 
the pain that I've been through 
they'd spill out every word 
as they drop like morning dew 
you may begin to shake,
yet your heart needs you to take
the trod through all the pain
let them fall like April rain 
if her tears had a voice 
they'd never seem to rest 
they'd tell you her choice
an altercation at best 
if his tears had a say they wouldn't get in his way, of the love that he's watching, walking away
if the drop that slides, slowly down his cheek
had a voice, had a choice,
they'd simply utter the words, the words that make him weak
if the wonderment of our world was alive, 
in our hearts we could share, though our tears should not thrive
we're meant to be faithful and fight for our own, plant two feet on the ground, for you are not alone
the tears in your eyes do more than just cry,
those tears in your eyes tell everyone why


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